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The concept of "Account" within the context of our platform broadly refers to the multiple different ways in which a user can engage in actions on the entities, such as creating Materials or running Jobs or collaborating with other users by sharing entities with them.

For the explanation of how the term "User" is compared with the more general concept of "Account", please refer to the following page.

Account Entities

Accounts perform actions on the Entities stored in the corresponding collections as explained in the corresponding page.

Types of Accounts

It is important for the present discussion to draw a distinction between two different types of accounts: Personal accounts for individual users, and collaborative accounts with a membership comprising multiple users, referred to as Organizational or Enterprise (the two words are used interchangeably). The User can choose which account to use among all the available options through the Account Switcher, described here.

Personal Accounts

To every user of our platform is associated a Personal Account, created at the moment of registration. The User is by definition always the sole member of their personal account, and consequently also the owner and administrator thereof.


The concept of Organization, or collaborative account, is the object of a separate explanation in its dedicated page.

Service Levels

The quality of service for the account, including features such as private data, pricing and quotas are defined by the account's service level.


Account Balance allows to perform actions that require monetary exchange.

User Interface

Accounts can be manipulated, navigated, and defined according to certain settings or descriptions through the corresponding interface, introduced here.

Accounting Actions

Each User can perform a certain set of Actions in relation to the Account that he/she is currently logged into, and these are narrated starting from this page.